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I believe in our name. Dogs ARE genius! They are my favorite creatures, I adore them, they make our lives better, and I strive to make their lives as active, fun, sweet, healthy, goofy, and beautiful as they are. With a background as vet technician and long time pack leader, I have studied with Linda Greco of the Hollywood Dog Obedience Club, and I offer balanced training. I use both reward-based and gently corrective techniques tailored to your best friend's unique needs, with consideration to breed, age, health status, temperament, life experience so far, and everything you wish to work on. Remember, I am training you to be a trainer. Your dog will follow your lead. Because of that, with few exceptions, I do not board and train.

I also offer daily group hikes, and individual (and when available, group) walks. These services are only available in the following areas: SILVER LAKE, LOS FELIZ, HOLLYWOOD, HANCOCK PARK, LARCHMONT VILLAGE, WEST HOLLYWOOD

At this time pet-sitting and boarding are restricted to established clients.


Structure is fundamental to the happiness of a dog, and...of a dog's human! Whether you are experiencing frustration because of: --pulling on the leash --reactivity to other dogs and/or humans --jumping on guests --counter-surfing -- lack of engagement with you --poor listening to your commands --lack of confidence or if you are a new pup's parent looking for some guidance, training is for you. Training is not only effective to stop unwanted behaviors, it is also a bonding process between you and your pup. Let them know that you are in charge and you've got their back, and they will respond with enthusiastic obedience.

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Hikes are my favorite way to start the day. We go to off-leash canyons, have a super exciting time with all the smells, and meet other travelers on the same journey. Packs are up to eight dogs. On Leash dogs are welcome!

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A single walk is for you pup(s) alone. I will come to your home and take your best friend(s) for a stroll of 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1 hour, depending on their needs.

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If your pup(s) likes to have company and socialize, I can arrange for them to meet other like minded doggies. Finding a match is important, so pairings are done carefully, considering the temperament, age, breed, health and priorities of the different candidates. For on-leash street walks I do not walk more than three dogs at a time. It's no fun being packed in a tight group when you're on a leash!

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For regular or established clients

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Trainer/Pack Leader

As a former academic I enjoy my time with dogs immensely. I worked as a vet technician during grad school, and came back to pups shortly after quitting university teaching. A composer and musicologist by training, when not with dogs I write (currently working on my third novel), and have fun playing with 8mm and 16mm film. Dogs ARE totally genius!!!!


Cat visit

  • 30 minutes for feeding and playing


  • Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California, United States